Rhum varieties

Main rhum varieties are :

Rhum blanc.

Rhum blanc (white rum) is a a rhum aged at least 3 months (and exactly 3 months if aged in wood barrels) before being bottled. It's a colorless rhum, with 40% to 55% of alcohol concentration.

Rhum ambré.

Rhum ambré (brown rum) is a oak barrel aged rum, for at least 18 months. Another designation is "rhum paille".

Rhum Paille.

Rhum paille (straw rum) is another designation for "rhum ambré".

Rhum vieux / hors d'age.

Rhum vieux (old rhum) has been aged in oak barrels. Special mentions can be added to this designation, depending the number of years spent in oak casks. Under the AOC Martinique, the following mentions are defined :

  • VO : at least 3 years
  • VOSP : at least 4 years
  • XO : at least 6 years

Rhum vieux is usually a blend of various aged rums, all of them at least being aged the minimum number of years required for the designation and its eventual mention.

Ron añejo.

Añejo, mainly used for rums produced in spanish speaking areas means aged, without specific minimum number of years, unless indicated otherwise on the bottle.


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