Rhum agricole & Cachaça

caipirinhaCachaça production process.

Cachaça is a brazilian spirit. The distilled liquid is a fermented mix of fresh sugarcane juice (as in rhum agricole) and roasted cereals (wheat, rice, ...). Distillation produces a 40°spirit which is immediatly bottled. Cachaça can also be aged in barrels for at least one year.

Main differences with rhum agricole.

Main differences are:

  • Fresh sugarcane juice is mixed with roasted cereals;
  • Distillation produces a lighter spirit (40° for cachaça, 70° for rhum)
  • Rhum is never bottled right after the distillation process.

Though, use of fresh sugarcane juice and local variations in its porduction process mean that cachaça shares with rhum agricole terroir shaped spirit caracteristics.